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What Can We Assist You With

Slattery Planning Group has the expertise and the negotiation know-how that will ensure that you receive the best strategic planning professional advice. We can assist our clients in putting together master plans, development control plans and undertaking strategic planning studies. The two primary strategic planning services that we provide are;

  • Preparation of Planning Proposals and Rezoning Applications
  • Submissions to planning instruments and strategies

A preparation of a planning proposal is the initial step in making a modification to the existing Local Environmental Plan for a Local Council. The main purpose of preparing a Planning Proposal is to rezone an area and/or to permit development of a site for an alternative land use which is not currently permitted under a Local Environmental Plan. A planning proposal explains the intended effect of, and justification for, the proposed amendment.

Slattery Planning Group can undertake the preparation of the Planning Proposal and coordinate the team preparing the required information and reports prior to submitting the application to Council. The planning report will need to address specific requirements depending on the site and surrounding locality.

We have a streamlined process for drafting planning proposals which reduces time and effort. We work closely with the Council during the various stages of the process to ensure that we can adapt the report accordingly to fit the Council’s particular requirements. We will keep you updated throughout the process so that you know exactly what is happening with the application every step of the way.
When it comes to planning instruments and strategies, Council regulates development through the use of land use zones and development standards at a local level. The Local Environmental Plan sets the land uses within zones which are permissible with or without development consent and those which are prohibited. We can assist in making submissions to draft amendments to planning instruments and strategies so that our clients’ interests are considered by Council.

In addition to the two main strategic planning services, we also offer further services including;

  •  Coordination of the Planning Proposal with the Consent Authority
  • Rezoning Submissions for changes to planning controls
  • Mediation, dispute resolution and community consultation regarding development and land use projects
  • Site Opportunities and Constraints reports
  • Best and Highest Use reports
  • Approval Pathway Analysis
  • Assess Required Developer Contributions
  • Town Planning Advice on specific development concepts
  • Strategic Advice and Documentation for implementing consent
  • Development Control Plans

Slattery Planning Group is highly experienced in strategic planning and can bring together planning, policy and technical expertise to assist our clients. We aim to bring a practicality when it comes to ideas and visions, to bring your development to fruition and to make your venture a success.

The team at Slattery Planning Group look forward to assisting you with your project or enquiry.