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Slattery Planning Group provides statutory planning services in Sydney and regional NSW,  that assists our clients in achieving their development objectives.

In New South Wales, statutory planning is legislated by the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (as amended). Sitting beneath the EP&A Act are a number of State Environmental Planning Policies, Regional Environmental Plans, Local Environmental Plans and Development Control Plans.

The New South Wales Statutory Planning system can be complex and varies from Council to Council and site to site, so projects require a professional town planner who has a good understanding of the relevant legislation and implications for each particular site and/or project.

As experienced town planners, we understand the intricacies of Local Council and State Government regulations and policies and provide the guidance that you need. We understand what is required in terms of obtaining approval from the relevant authorities and this expertise streamlines the process.

Involving Slattery Planning Group from the initial stages of your project will ensure that all issues are identified and addressed prior to the application being lodged. This will speed-up Council’s assessment process and ensure the best opportunity for a fast approval.

We have experience providing a wide range of statutory planning services including:

  • Due diligence studies and feasibility assessments
  • Preparation of local development applications
  • Preparation of major development applications
  • Preparation of state significant development applications
  • Development assessment for planning authorities
  • Preparation of objection letters
  • Preparation of plans of management
  • Preparation of Statement of Environmental Effects reports
  • Preparation of Review of Environmental Factors reports
  • Preparation of S4.55/S4.56 modification reports
  • Preparation of S8.2 review reports
  • Preparation of Clause 4.6 variation requests to numeric development standards contained in Local Environmental Plans

Slattery Planning Group provides advice on all matters that pertain to the statutory and regulatory environment including high level statutory planning advice relating to development opportunities  and best use of land. We also advise on regulatory requirements and development compliance.

An example of one of the services that we provide is the preparation of Statement of Environmental Effects (SEE) reports. An SEE is a requirement for most development applications and includes:

  • an assessment of the site and surrounds, identifying site opportunities and constraints;
  • a review of the proposal against relevant planning codes and policies and identifies and justifies any areas of non-compliance; and
  • a detailed outline of the likely environmental impacts of the development on the natural and built environment, how these impacts have been identified and what has been taken to minimise the impacts to the environment.

An SEE supports a Development Application and can mean the difference between approval and refusal of a DA if it is not sufficiently detailed or fails to address relevant legislative requirements.

Slattery Planning Group has experience as a development consultant for an extensive range of projects, including:

  • gyms
  • aged care and seniors living facilities
  • child care centres/li>
  • mixed use developments
  • commercial developments
  • industrial developments
  • residential developments
  • shop top housing
  • boarding houses
  • affordable housing
  • dwelling houses
  • secondary dwelling and granny flats
  • dual occupancy
  • townhouses
  • manor houses
  • residential flats
  • schools
  • change of use developments
  • signage
  • places of public worship

Slattery Planning Group is well-respected within the industry and has effective working relationships with local councils and state planning authorities in NSW.

The team at Slattery Planning Group look forward to assisting you with your project or enquiry.