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What Can We Assist You With

The process typically involves our expert town planners assessing the elements of your development that will require development approval. We may also coordinate with other specialists such as architects, engineers, surveyors, landscape architects, quantity surveyors, acoustic consultants and traffic engineers to ensure that specialist counsel is sought, providing accompanying documentation to support the application.

We then prepare the development application, including the preparation of a statement of environmental effects report, possibly a Clause 4.6 variation request or a plan of management, and we also assist in compiling the required DA documentation. Your designated town planner will represent you and your development on any town planning issues that arise and may need to be resolved; they will lodge the development applications and liaise with council until the development approval is obtained. Using Slattery Planning Group for this intricate and complicated process saves you time and money and is the best avenue for achieving the optimum outcome for your development.

If any potential issues or areas of non-compliance arise, you can be confident that you will have the best representation with Slattery Planning Group. Our team will ensure that all issues are addressed and solutions put forward in a timely fashion, to overcome these issues.

No matter what the nature of your project is our team of experienced town planners can assist.

The range of services that we offer includes:

  • due diligence studies
  • feasibility assessments and development advisory service
  • local development applications
  • major development applications
  • state significant development applications
  • development assessment for planning authorities
  • expert evidence before the NSW Land and Environment Court
  • preparation of objection letters
  • preparation of Plans of Management
  • preparation of Statement of Environmental Effects reports
  • preparation of Review of Environmental Factors reports
  • preparation of s4.55/s4.56 modification reports
  • preparation of s8.2 review reports
  • preparation of clause 4.6 variation requests

The team at Slattery Planning Group looks forward to assisting you with your project or enquiry.