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What Can We Assist You With

Slattery Planning Group has many years of experience undertaking a role as Development Consultant for a wide range of developments in Sydney NSW. We can provide valuable advice to assist you in navigating the relevant planning controls and to advise whether your proposal is feasible and permissible under the applicable legislation.

The legislation for planning and development in NSW is complicated and can be overwhelming for many people. It is subject to changes and reviews on a regular basis. We can provide expert guidance and collaboration with you and your architect to ensure that a development appropriately responds to the relevant planning controls and the context of the site.

It is important to ensure that your development sits comfortably in its context and does not unreasonably impact on the streetscape or your neighbours. Our team of consultants can provide input in this process. By seeking planning advice early in the process, you can avoid delays and achieve the optimal outcome for your property.

Due diligence is a detailed level of advice frequently sought by clients for their development projects. We frequently prepare this detailed advice in conjunction with other experts to provide clients with the most detailed level of advice prior to committing to major purchases. We also act as planning consultants on a wide range of developments and provide a clear strategy to maximise the prospect of obtaining development approval.

The intricate knowledge and expertise that we have of how various Councils operate is extremely useful for clients. More importantly, the subtle differences and interpretation of these controls can be critical to the success of a project. Obtaining reliable and timely advice at the commencement of the development process can save clients a considerable amount of time and money.

The types of Development Consultant roles that Slattery Planning Group has comprehensive experience in includes the following;

  • gyms
  • aged care and seniors living facilities
  • child care centres
  • mixed use facilities
  • commercial developments
  • industrial developments
  • residential developments
  • shoptop housing developments
  • boarding houses
  • affordable housing
  • dwelling houses
  • secondary dwelling/granny flats
  • dual occupancy
  • townhouses
  • manor houses
  • residential flats
  • schools
  • change of uses
  • signage
  • place of public worship


We assist individuals, architects and developers by liaising with Council to resolve town planning issues, preparing planning reports including Statements of Environmental Effects and other documents to accompany development applications, and lodging development applications with Councils.

Slattery Planning Group works on projects of all sizes and has earned a well-deserved reputation as experts in the development process. Our experience in providing developers with assistance with a range of projects throughout Sydney and regional NSW will simplify and streamline the process for you. Our wealth of knowledge means we can provide insights into the information that will enhance the planning of your development.