Slattery Planning Group (SPG) employs a team of dedicated professionals who specialise in town planning and project management services.

With more than 20 years’ experience, we offer our clients a One-Stop-Shop for all project types no matter the size or scale including residential, commercial, industrial, education, child care, seniors housing developments and more.

SPG has a well-established reputation amongst property developers, architects, Councils and mum & dad developers, for professional, honest and well-considered advice and for encouraging a collaborative approach to all projects to achieve quality development outcomes.

Our team of dedicated professionals specialises in town planning and project management. We offer our clients an integrated service for all project types, regardless of their scale, including residential, commercial, industrial, educational, child care, seniors housing developments, boarding houses and more.

Through our extensive experience, we can also recommend other experts (architects, engineers, landscapers, acoustic consultants etc.) and put you in contact with our associates to assist in all aspects of the development approval process. Our goal is to achieve the best outcomes for our clients within a cost-effective and timely fashion.

We enjoy working with clients from an early stage, to consider whether a proposed development would be feasible, right through to lodgement and approval processes. Through our professional and common-sense approach, our team looks to relieve our clients of the stress and worry that often comes with dealing with local councils.

SPG assists individuals, architects and developers by providing town planning advice, liaising with Council to resolve town planning issues, preparing planning reports including Statements of Environmental Effects and other documents to accompany development applications, and lodging development applications with Councils.

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